Customized Personalized Wilson Soft Play Volleyball Official Size and Weight

  • $29.99

Customized Personalized Wilson Soft Play Volleyball! Official Size

Very Fast - Your ball is customized with your name within 1 - 3 days!

The customized name is permanent, so you can play with the ball all day and the name will last!

Here is our simple ordering process below:

  1. Select the color you would like the customized text to be
  2. Type the name you want on the ball in the “Text to Add” box (Type in ALL CAPS if you would like all caps)

If you need to provide us more instructions after you place your order, send us a message on the "Contact Us" page 

We are experts in creating the perfect ball that will blow you away! You can customize your brand new ball by adding any name or number to it. This will help you identify which ball is yours when you go to the gym, park, school, or anywhere to play. Your name will be in big bold font so that it is easy to read. This custom volleyball is also the PERFECT gift for any volleyball lover!



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